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We offer a full range of services here at Neil Stringwell Tarmacadam, please see below a list of our most popular services requested.
However if the service you require is not mentioned below, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email or telephone and discuss your requirements further.

Full Replacement Drive

Full replacement driveways are excavated, a new sub base applied (as and when required), edging and drainage provided with a minimum of a 50mm base coat and a minimum of a 25mm finish coat, all rolled and compacted to produce a great tarmacdam driveway finish.

Block paved and tegular borders are becoming ever popular but this does not necessarily increase the overall cost of the drive. Red tarmacadam is also available while this is distinctive it does increase the overall cost slightly.

full replacement drive

Overlaid Drive

Depending on the condition of the current driveway installed we can overlay an existing tarmac or concrete driveway. But please do not confuse this overlay with the term ‘skimming’ – we do not do any skimming.

An overlay requires surface preparation, sometimes new edgings are required, and we will then supply and apply a bitumen emulsion tack coat for the bonding process and then lay a minimum of a 25mm tarmacadam using a double drum vibrating roller where necessary.

overlaid drive

Vehicle Crossing

When installing a vehicle crossing, permission is required from your local authority. As we are council approved, we can offer much advise and recommendations.

To install a vehicle crossing the existing area is removed whether this is tarmac, flags or grass and disposed of. We supply and fit pin kerbs, drop kerbs and center kerbs in a concrete surround. The area is then resurfaced in tarmac to the councils specification.

vehicle crossings

Footpaths & Roads

Foothpaths in essence are installed in the same way a full replacement driveway would be installed, this is dependent on the condition of the existing area. Roads may require planing out to suitable level and then machine laid back. This is again dependent on the existing road surface. Advise of the tarmac material and depth will be provided by Neil at the quotation stage.

In addition to footpaths and roads we also provide the planning and installation of white lining and any other road based markings.


Patching / Potholes

Potholes are more frequent during or shortly after poor weather conditions. We can use a variety of options to repair the area. Recommendations will be provided on sight of the work.

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